Argenmetal SA is a company dedicated to the production and sale of mechanical pieces in aluminium bronze. Its commercialization reaches all the principal world markets. Our effort is directed to meet the needs of the present and potential users of cuprous- ferro aluminium. To achieve these goals, we offer high quality products, a permanent flexibility and celerity in technical and commercial replies. These characteristics, plus the permanent and continuous improvement of our processes, and apart from the constant search for the best efficiency and effectiveness, map us out as a competitive company at international level.


To be the markets´ referential company dedicated to the melting of ALUMINIUM BRONZE, characterized and distinguished by its ethics, quality, quickness and for being environmentally friendly.

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In Argentina, in the mid 40s´only tin bronzes, lead bronzes and brass bronzes were used. It was at that very moment of the national industry, that Mr. Jorge Ottone, creator of Argenmetal, began to melt his first pieces in these types of traditional alloys. During the 60s´he learnt about a new alloy: aluminium bronze. As from that moment, he started to tap with the corresponding mechanical tests. The results obtained showed a more superior yield to those bronzes which were habitually used. Because of this reason, he decided to specialize in the manufacturing of aluminium bronze. The first stage was destined to the publication of this new product, which was practically unknown in the internal market. Yet, with the passing of time Argenmetal aluminium bronzes, have become the "pet" bronzes of all companies and industries in the country. The 80S´was a decade of deep changes. These strategic changes were headed by the second generation that joined the company. As from that moment fluid policies of commercial diffusion were fostered. With that view, the company began to participate in national fairs in the whole country. Besides, publications came out in different specialized graphic media. International markets were to become the following goal, soon, being able to export to: The U.S.A., Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Holland, and all the Mercosur. Another remarkable event is the 9001 ISO certification, obtained in the year 2007. This was a brief synthesis of the progress achieved up to the present time. Argenmetal hopes to be part of our future history for many years to come.



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