AG 360

This alloy offers the lowest friction coefficient of all the existing bronzes.

Designed to work only under friction and compression.

Used by
Manufacturers of stainless-steel sinks and producers of jointless pipes

Stainless Steel plug-in molds, shapers of pipes with joints.

Bushings, bars, hexagonals, plates and pieces on models.

Technical Features
Tensile strength Materials to work on comprehension only.
Elastic limit - Kg/mm2
Elongation 0 %
Area reduction - %
Brinell hardness 340/380°HB (10/3000/30)
Compressive strength 124 Kg/mm2
Limit of proportion - Kg/mm2
Impact resistance - Kg/mm2
Density 6,70 Gr/cm2
Thermal conductivity 0,13 Cal/cm-°C-S
Electrical Conductivity 6,20 m/-mm2