AG 300

This alloy has the quality of resisting high friction pressure.

As hardness increases, abrasion resistance remarkably increases too, reducing, on the contrary, its elasticity.

Used by
Mold manufacturers, engine rectifiers, rubber industry,and mechanic workshops in general.

Cleaver knives for the cutting of rubber, Non bending bushings, windshields, screw patter n copying units, cams where lubrication is not possible.

Bushings, bars, hexagonals, plates and pieces on model.

Technical Features
Tensile strength Materials to work in compression only
Elastic limith - Kg/mm2
Elongation 0,5/0 %
Area reduction - %
Brinell hardness 300/330°HB (10/3000/30)
Compressive strength 117 Kg/mm2
Limit of proportion - Kg/mm2
Impact resistance - Kg/mm2
Density 6,75 Gr/cm2
Thermal conductivity 0,14 Cal/cm-°C-S
Electrical Conductivity 6,20 m/-mm2