AG 280

Especially designed to achieve an excellent anti-friction condition.

Used by
Manufacturers of anti-sparkling tools, engine rectifiers, turneries specialized in plastic moldings.

Bushings, and all kinds of pieces treated with abrasive agents, drilling guides for multiple drillers, plates and seal bushings for injectors working under very high pressures.

Bushings, bars, hexagonals, plates and pieces on model.

Technical Features
Tensile strength Materials to work in compression only
Elastic limit - Kg/mm2
Elongation 0/1 %
Area reduction - %
Brinell hardness 260/290°HB (10/3000/30)
Compressive strength 114 Kg/mm2
Limit of proportion - Kg/mm2
Impact resistance - Kg/mm2
Density 6,80 Gr/cm2
Thermal conductivity 0,15 Cal/cm-°C-S
Electrical Conductivity 6,30 m/-mm2