AG 120

Especially designed to resist corrosive environments.

It also has good mechanical and friction properties and high elongation qualities.

Used by
Automobile terminals, manufacturers of exhaust pipes, oil, marine, and chemical industries in general.

Guides, hydraulic bodies, propellers, Wipers, bearings, bushes, spherical bearings of hydraulic pistons, axis lines of ships.

Bushings, bars, hexagonals, plates and pieces on models.

Technical Features
Tensile strength 49/56 Kg/mm2
Elastic limit 19/21 Kg/mm2
Elongation 20/30 %
Area reduction 25/40 %
Brinell hardness 120/140°HB (10/3000/30)
Resistance to compression 84 Kg/mm2
Limit of proportion 10 Kg/mm2
Impact resistance 1,1 Kg/mm2
Density 7,50 Gr/cm2
Thermal conductivity 0,20 Cal/cm-°C-S
Electrical Conductivity 7,50 m/-mm2